At the start of 2022, WeAreWaterloo Business Improvement District commissioned architecture and design firm Allies & Morrison to create a Waterloo Placemaking Strategy. After months of research and engagement conducted by A&M that included workshops, surveys, one on one interviews and more.

The strategy segments Waterloo into three distinct sub-districts and proposes over 150 different public realm and marketing-based projects all designed to make Waterloo a more enjoyable place to work, live and visit. We aim for the strategy to live on through changes in the area and help shape the long-term development of Waterloo by providing the BID and other local institutions with a framework for action and intervention.

The strategy attracted the praise of industry experts including the Institute of Place Management, the High Street Task Force and even a nomination at the Creative Bureaucracy Awards.

We will be rolling out further initiatives and schemes from the strategy over the remainder of our 5-year term with the aim of bringing positive change to the neighbourhood. You can read the full Waterloo Placemaking Strategy here.