From tree planting to recycling subsidies, many of the BID’s existing projects place a strong emphasis on sustainability. However, as the climate crisis worsens we recognize the need to do more. Therefore, together with partner organisations and local authorities, we are working to develop projects specifically focused on reducing Waterloo’s emissions to net zero by 2030.

We have established 4 key pillars of our sustainability strategy which are: Buildings & Energy, Transportation, Biodiversity & the Environment, and Recycling, Waste & Circular Economies. Within each of these pillars we have developed our own projects as well as establishing opportunities to partner with external initiatives.

Below is an overview of the types of sustainability initiatives we offer:

  • Transportation: we aim to promote sustainable active transport as an alternative to high emission vehicles such as cars and vans. We run a variety of subsidies to encourage cycling and cargo bikes usage in Waterloo and we also host free bike maintenance workshops to help fix any mechanical issues. Find out more about our cycling provision here.
  • Biodiversity & the Environment: we run a variety of urban greening initiatives in the neighbourhood ranging from the development of kerbside pocket parks to larger projects, such as our ongoing de-paving and planting project on Hercules Road.
  • Recycling, Waste and Circular Economies: on top of our existing recycling subsidy provision we are working with companies such as Too Good To Go to help businesses reduce their food waste and we hope to set up a Library of Things to encourage a localised shift towards a sharing economy.
  • Buildings & Energy: we work with a variety of external organisations to help promote energy efficiency and suggest preferred energy suppliers. We are also in the process of conducting feasibility studies to establish potential sites for localised renewable energy provision as well as working with partners to encourage insulation retrofitting.

You can read more about our sustainability work through our recently published Waterloo Climate Action Plan. You can also join our quarterly Climate Action Group to find out more about our latest projects, as well as to suggest the future direction of our sustainability work.

We are also working closely with Lambeth Council on the implementation of their Kerbside Strategy as well as the Waterloo And South Bank Future Neighbourhoods 2030 Strategy.