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WeAreWaterloo Wins Green Flag Award

WeAreWaterloo Wins Green Flag Award



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We are thrilled to announce that WeAreWaterloo has been awarded the Green Flag Award for the year 2023/24. This recognition serves as a testament to our community’s dedication to greening initiatives, including the outstanding efforts of the Waterloo Gardening Club, Edible Marsh and the Climate Action Group. Let’s delve into the significance of this award and how it showcases our commitment to maintaining and enhancing the green spaces within our vibrant neighbourhood.

The Green Flag Award scheme stands as a recognized mark of excellence for well-managed parks and green spaces. It sets a benchmark standard for the management of recreational outdoor areas, not just in the United Kingdom but also around the world. This award highlights the BID’s exceptional efforts in maintaining and nurturing green spaces for the enjoyment and benefit of the community.

WeAreWaterloo takes great pride in becoming the second Business Improvement District (BID) to receive this esteemed accreditation. This recognition serves as a showcase of our dedication to creating and maintaining visually appealing, accessible, and environmentally sustainable public spaces. From charming pocket parks to innovative planting schemes, our green spaces are carefully nurtured to the highest standards.

The achievement of the Green Flag Award would not have been possible without the collective efforts of the Waterloo Gardening Club, Edible Marsh and the Climate Action Group. These community-driven initiatives have played a pivotal role in enhancing our green spaces and promoting local engagement with environmental sustainability.

Our greening team, led by Alex, Frankie, Frances and Josè have been the driving force behind the transformation of various public areas, upkeeping well-maintained greenery spaces in the area to create inviting spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy throughout the year.

Additionally, Edible Marsh free gardening workshops invite Waterloo residents and office workers out to Lower Marsh to explore a selection of herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, scented geraniums plants and much more – attendees can even take these plants home with them! This has enhanced Lower Marsh’s greenery and allowed locals to learn how to sow seeds and grow incredible edible plants.

Waterloo’s Climate Action Group has brought together businesses, charities and community members to address climate challenges and work towards the area’s sustainability goals. 

WeAreWaterloo’s attainment of the Green Flag Award 2023/24 is a remarkable achievement that highlights our community’s commitment to creating and maintaining exceptional green spaces. Let’s celebrate this milestone and continue our collective efforts to make Waterloo a clean, green, thriving neighbourhood for all to enjoy.


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