Year in Review: Cleaning and Greening Success

Year in Review: Cleaning and Greening Success



Community / Placemaking

Our urban gardeners look after our five main green spaces, various pocket parks, nine parklets and numerous planters. This contributes to the beautification of the public realm, improves air quality and biodiversity and mitigates against flood risks. We also regularly involve the local community in our greening efforts through our voluntary weekly gardening club, our Edible Marsh gardening workshops and our community planting days.

As we approach the end of another year, we are pleased to share some key statistics that highlight our ongoing commitment to enhancing the environment.

Graffiti Tags Removed: 83 Square Meters 

Our dedicated team has been hard at work removing graffiti across Waterloo. In the past year alone, we successfully eliminated 83 square meters of graffiti, maintaining a clean environment.

Bulbs Planted: 500 Bulbs

We Are Waterloo recently planted 500 bulbs, including daffodils and crocus, to enhance our community’s environment. This careful selection and distribution of bulbs creates a vibrant and more attractive Waterloo.

Total Hours Worked Cleaning/Greening: 3,070 Hours in 11 Months

Over the past 11 months, our team have committed an astounding 3,070 hours to transforming Waterloo into a cleaner and more environmentally conscious district.

Furthermore, WeAreWaterloo was awarded the Green Flag Award for the year 2023/24. This recognition serves as a testament to our community’s dedication to greening initiatives, including the outstanding efforts of the Waterloo Gardening Club, Edible Marsh and the Climate Action Group.

Our Greening Team, led by Alex, Frankie, Frances and José, have been the driving force behind the transformation of various public areas, upkeeping well-maintained greenery spaces in the area to create inviting spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy throughout the year.

Looking ahead, we continue our mission to create a more attractive, sustainable, and welcoming community for all, ensuring that Waterloo remains a vibrant place to live, work, and play.

If you require specialist cleaning support for any specific street care issues affecting your business – please complete our graffiti and streetcare request form. Our placemaking strategy also encourages businesses to use public art such as colourful murals to deter graffiti and anti-social behaviour. If you would like to enquire about a potential public art project – please contact us.



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