Security Patrol: Going Above and Beyond

Security Patrol: Going Above and Beyond



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In Waterloo, our security patrol extend far beyond crime prevention. Last week, an incident highlighted the dedication and compassion of the patrol team as they came to the aid of an elderly woman in a moment of distress.

The 84-year-old woman unfortunately collapsed while crossing the road near Waterloo station. Swift to respond, our patrol team immediately rushed to her aid. Their quick and efficient actions not only ensuring her safety but also demonstrated the kind-hearted side of our security services.

Upon approaching the distressed woman, the patrol team discovered that she was French and spoke little English. Undeterred by the language barrier, one of the team members showcased the diverse skill set of our patrol by conversing with her in French. This not only reassured the lady but also showcased the team’s commitment to going the extra mile in providing comfort and understanding in times of distress. After ensuring the woman’s immediate safety, the patrol team offered her a comforting (and very much needed) cup of tea.

The lady was so thankful for the kindness and support that she asked for with our patrol team. Our officers escorted her to the train station, accompanying her until she boarded her train safely and comfortably.

This event shows how WeAreWaterloo’s security patrol goes beyond protecting the community from crime. With their swift response and compassionate approach, our patrol officers are committed to maintaining a community where everyone is valued and taken care of.

Karol Doherty, our BID Security Manager, leads our specialist security team and works closely with security partners and member businesses to reduce crime and improve safety. “The security patrol’s role is not just about gates and guns; it is about reassuring people that our district is safe, and the team at WeAreWaterloo is highly trained to deal with any incident that occurs. This gives me great pleasure to see this type of work that our team does on a daily basis,” says Karol.

Contact Karol for further information about security services.




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