Enhancing Phone Theft Awareness

Enhancing Phone Theft Awareness



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Waterloo, like many parts of central London, faces a significant issue: phone theft. Thousands of mobile phones are swiped every year in London, and we want to prevent you from being the next target.

Here’s how you can protect yourself:

  • Stay aware of your surroundings 

. Don’t text while you’re walking, you won’t notice what’s going on around you. 

  • Avoid having devices on display, put them away! 

The harder it is to get to, the harder it is to steal. If you must use your phone, consider going hands-free or positioning yourself away from the roadside and close to a wall to prevent thieves from approaching unnoticed.

Staying alert is your best defence against phone theft. Eyes up, phones down.






Lambeth Council want our borough to be the best place to run a creative business.  To help them understand the realities, challenges, and opportunities of this, they have launched a Creative Business Survey.  The survey is for businesses and organisations in Lambeth, working in or related to the Culture and Creative Industries*. The survey takes

Bookable Virtual Loading Bay Trial


Stress-free, greener deliveries in London Borough of Lambeth The Kerb app allows drivers to book allocated virtual loading bays, improving efficiency and supporting sustainable deliveries. 2 trial Virtual Loading Bays are located along The Cut, Waterloo and available to book by registered users. Register your interest here to start using the London Borough of Lambeth bays. If you have any questions, email sgl@kerb.com. – More

Waterloo Green Group Events


This Summer, Waterloo Green Group is hosting a line-up of fantastic community events, and we want you to join us! Whether you’re a local office worker or resident, or just a passerby, everyone is more than welcome to get involved.   ‘ROOTED’ GARDENING CLUB Ready to transform your neighbourhood? Join the Waterloo Gardening Club to help