Celebrating 20 Years of UK BIDs

Celebrating 20 Years of UK BIDs




This year marks 20 years of UK Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), with over £1 billion invested in local services and events for better towns and cities. WeAreWaterloo is proud to be part of this milestone alongside remarkable BIDs across the country.

Since our establishment in 2006, WeAreWaterloo has transformed the landscape of Waterloo. From managing the bustling Lower Marsh Market to providing crucial grant funding to local businesses, we’ve made a real impact on the community.

Following our successful 2021 ballot, we’ve pursued our pledges outlined in our Five Year Plan, focusing on three core themes:

We Connect & Represent local businesses by providing frequent opportunities to share knowledge and expertise, as well as bridging ties with local government, community groups and lots more to ensure that any decision-making results in the best possible environment for businesses to flourish.

We Celebrate & Promote the area and its businesses by increasing footfall through events and raising the profile of Waterloo’s cultural and retail offer, by positioning it as a destination with its own unique ‘rebel with a small r’ identity.

We Enhance the Environment and the area by ensuring it is clean, green, safe, well-maintained and somewhere to be proud of, improving the visitor experience while attracting new businesses and investment.

These themes drive our mission to make Waterloo an exceptional place to work, live, and visit. We’re also thrilled to share some remarkable statistics:

  • 92%: Voted Yes in the 2021 Renewal Ballot.
  • 100: In-person business visits per month.
  • 25,000: Combined digital following.
  • 180: Graffiti tags removed per year.
  • 3,000: Event attendees per year.
  • 8: Green spaces managed.
  • 40: Staff trained per month.
  • 154: Businesses saving money through our First Mile partnership.
  • 17.4%: Increased footfall compared to last year.
  • 140: Hours of extra street cleaning and greening per week.

As we reflect on our journey, we are filled with enthusiasm for the future. Thank you again for re-electing us to work with you. Together, we will continue to work to make Waterloo the best it can be. Here’s to 20 years of BID’s!


What’s On – April 2024


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Hugo’s Delivery Service


Attention BID members! WeAreWaterloo is gearing up to provide you with affordable, hassle-free, and sustainable delivery options on a regular basis. We’re partnering with Hugo’s Eco Delivery, a local electronic delivery service equipped with in-app tracking, capable of handling loads up to 800kg.  Whether you’re restocking inventory or collaborating with neighbouring businesses, we’ve got your

A Taste of Europe in Waterloo


2024 marks 50 years since ABBA’s epic victory, winning Eurovision with their iconic track, ‘Waterloo’. NATURALLY, we’re taking this opportunity to show off the very best of our area’s European offerings. And that’s not all – we’re excited to announce a competition with a £50 voucher prize! But first, let’s explore some of the must-visit