7 Jan 2024 // The Old Bauble Factory // 10:00 AM

Wishmas: A Fantastical Christmas Adventure

Wishmas is a captivating 60+minute walkthrough experience that seamlessly blends the best of theatrical entertainment with the immersive wonder from Secret Cinema and Punchdrunk alums. Here, you’ll encounter beloved and festive characters as you journey through the story of your Christmas wish.



Crazy Stupid Mortals

21 Jun 2024 // circe’s Rooftop

Everyday brings you a reason to celebrate at Circe’s

Improv Comedy – Noises from the Attic + Friends @ The Glitch

21 Jun 2024 // the glitch

Greetings prospective audience member. However you reached this page, you're in the right place, and you can never leave...

Afternoon Tea: Blavatnik Art, Film and Photography Galleries

22 Jun 2024 // Imperial War Museum

Orpen Collection Viewing and Afternoon Tea