Waterloo Climate Action Group

5 Oct 2023 // The Calder Bookshop & Theatre // 4:00 PM

Want to help take action against climate change in your community? Join this Waterloo Climate Action Group event to get involved today!

Fighting climate change can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task. However, there are many ways to take climate action right on our own doorstep.

Waterloo Climate Action Group brings together people from across the community to discuss local sustainability initiatives and ways to get involved with them. From guerilla gardeners to energy-saving experts, join us to hear updates from passionate sustainability professionals operating in the Waterloo area and find out how you can take climate action today.

Hosted by local non-profit WeAreWaterloo, the event will also outline our own sustainability updates whilst also platforming Waterloo workers, residents and community groups to share their own experiences of local climate action.

Join us at Calder Bookshop & Theatre on Thursday 5 October (4:00-5:30pm) for complementary refreshments and interesting discussions with climate-conscious local residents and businesses.

Additionally, if you’re passionate about mitigating climate change and delivering a sustainable future, South Bank Employers’ Group (SBEG) + partners have an exciting opportunity for you! SBEG + partners are seeking an experienced candidate for a role aligned with their net zero strategy, with proven multi-agency collaboration and procurement skills. WeAreWaterloo stands supportive of this fantastic opportunity to improve our environment. Click here for more information.



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