‘Waterloo: Behind The Scenes’ presents ‘My Fantasy Valentine’

12 Feb 2024 // The Glitch // 6:00 PM

This Valentine's, head to Waterloo for a panel discussion featuring some of the most influential voices in the world of sex & relationships.

This Valentine’s, forget cringe dinners, fake roses and cheap chocolates – embrace intimacy and self-discovery instead. On Monday 12 February, ‘Waterloo: Behind The Scenes’ proudly presents ‘My Fantasy Valentine’, a panel discussion featuring some of the most influential voices in the world of sex and relationships at The Glitch. By providing a safe space for exhausted Londoners to explore the nuances of physical and emotional intimacy, the event promises to be a candid and enlightening experience that will boost even the most vanilla of sex lives. After the talk, guests can enjoy a private tour of Honour Clothing, sexually empowering clothing and accessories shop committed to “turning fantasy into reality”, located on Lower Marsh – one of London’s quirkiest, indie streets.

Over recent years, there has been a steady decline in the amount of sex people are having, with LELO’s 2023 Sex Survey reporting that over a quarter (27%) of Brits are now having less than they used to. Whilst various reasons have been cited, tiredness and stress are top of the list.

In February 2024, ‘My Fantasy Valentine’ will invite Londoners (of all sexual orientations) to an inclusive and judgment-free space in Waterloo, where a panel of sex influencers will share their insights, experiences and advice on physical and emotional intimacy.

Held at The Glitch and hosted by Tim Taylor (Honour Clothing), panellists include Reed Amber, one of the UK’s leading Sex Influencers. Reed is the co-founder of ComeCurious and host of the award-winning ‘F**ks Given’ podcast which has reached over 4.5 million downloads. Also on the panel are, Courtney Morgan (a dominatrix with a huge global following), Miss Gold (a London-based dominatrix and founder of One Night Parties), Scotty Unfamous (a sex educator and multi award-winning erotic romance author) and Poppy Scarlett (a queer polyamory and pleasure educator).

The interactive event will include a drinks reception and a Q&A session, providing attendees the opportunity to engage directly (or anonymously) with the panellists. Afterwards, guests will take a short walk to Honour (located on the same street as The Glitch) for a private tour and a free goodie bag.

About ‘Waterloo: Behind the Scenes’

Dreamers, innovators, disruptors and free thinkers have laid claim to Waterloo for centuries. Now home to Lower Marsh Market and The Vaults, it remains a distinctive, quirky neighbourhood in the literal (no, really) centre of London, known for its community spirit and defiance. Global corporations rub shoulders with pop-up studios and late-night bars, bringing diverse audiences to a destination that dares to be different. And WeAreWaterloo Business Improvement District (BID) is here to support and promote all of these businesses who give our neighbourhood its edge.

In 2019, WaW launched a panel series of hard-hitting discussions at which everyone is welcome and no topic is taboo. Creating a platform for challenging debate, with themes like sobriety and unconscious bias in the arts, we want to position Waterloo as a place unafraid to ask the difficult questions in order to build a better future for those who live, work and play in our area.

‘Waterloo: Behind The Scenes’ is produced by local resident and founder of WRB Studios, Sarah Sepahi.



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