• Street cleaning
  • Street cleaner
Benefit from regular street cleaning services in addition to those provided by the Councils, free graffiti removal and report environmental issues.

Regular cleaning

Our Cleaning Team washes and sweeps streets in the area once a week during the summer, and every fortnight during the winter. This shift cannot reach the whole area every week, so a work list is set each week. . The team rotate throughout the BID area systematically, to ensure that all areas of the BID are covered.

Graffiti removal

WeAreWaterloo provides a graffiti removal service in addition to that provided by the Councils, who currently only deal with graffiti on public highways. Our service includes graffiti removal from commercial properties and shop shutters in the Waterloo BID area. We will be noting incidents of graffiti at least during our weekly area audits, but at any time please alert us to any graffiti on your property and we will arrange for its removal. (Please note that there may be instances where removal is not possible as part of our service, if the graffiti cannot be reached by reasonable means.) 

Weekly environmental audit

We also conduct a weekly environmental audit to identify any fly tipping, graffiti or other major concerns. These are then reported to the Councils so that their street cleaning teams can resolve the issues. Please do advise us of if you spot any problems and we will report your concerns.