Waterloo Businesses help brighten Christmas for local families through Foodbank Scheme

Waterloo Quarter is calling for more Waterloo businesses to sign-up to its Foodbank Supporters scheme.

Launched in 2013, the scheme is a partnership between Waterloo Quarter BID, Eden Caterers and the Oasis Trust which invites local businesses to host a donation box within their premises for staff and visitors to add to. So far, the scheme has 18 local businesses supporting it, including Morley College and Unite Student Accommodation as well as a number of offices throughout the area. It has made five collections in the last 10 months, and a total of 1.68 tonnes of food has been donated.   Every few months, at designated times in the year, staff from Eden Caterers collect donations from the signed-up businesses and transport them for free to the Foodbank. From there the Foodbank distributes emergency food parcels to local families who would otherwise go hungry. The last collection before Christmas as part of the scheme is planned for 22 December.   Speaking about the scheme, Helen Santer, Chief Executive of Waterloo Quarter, said: “The Foodbank Supporters Scheme is a great example of how local businesses can really make a difference to those most in need in their community. It’s also a great example of how collaboration between local businesses and community organisations can greatly increase the impact of what a charity might achieve on its own.”    Local catering company Eden Caterers recently won a Waterloo Community Award for their work supporting the Foodbank.  Hugh Walker, managing director of Eden Caterers, said: “Eden Caterers believes passionately in supporting local community projects – and this scheme is a great way for us to help support the Foodbank’s work. It has been immensely satisfying to see how successful it has been and much of that is due to the continued and much needed engagement and generosity of staff working for local businesses who the project has managed to reach.”   Find out more about the Foodbank and how to sign-up to join the Foodbank Supporters scheme here.