Swimming - WeAreWaterloo & the Young Vic collaborate to install a sustainable structure in the BID area

Swimming by artist Diana Burch officially opened on Monday 24 June and is currently in situ on Lower Marsh Plaza

WeAreWaterloo and the Young Vic theatre worked in partnership to commission artist Diana Burch to create a structure aimed at raising awarness of the damage caused to our comunity by single use plastics. The art piece's offical launch coincides with Waterloo Food Fortnight, and the installation of our #OneLess water bottle refill station located in Lower Marsh Plaza. 

Made from reclaimed plastic bottles, crisps packets, cable ties and bin bags, the materials used in the creation of this structure were chosen to illustrate just how much plastic we discard. The average Londoner throws away 175 water bottles per year; the exact same number featured in the installation. 

WeAreWaterloo took inspiration from the Young Vic theatre's 'March on Plastics' campaign, which saw a dramatic reduction in single use plastics throughout the venue to create this structure. 

The structure itself will be reused and reworked three times to create three new pieces using only the materials on display, making four entirely unique structures from reclaimed materials and producing zero waste. These will be dotted around the WeAreWaterloo BID area. For more info, please contact Alex via email