Spectrecom's mission on Webber Street

Spectrecom Films, based on Webber Street in Waterloo, tell us about an exciting CSR project with the Webber Street Mission...

What was it all about?

We have agreed to produce a series of films for the Webber Street Mission, in order to raise awareness and support of the work that they do. We are beginning this by producing a short documentary film on one of their previous residents who has now been given housing through Hope Community Homes, and is no longer living on the streets.   

Who is involved?

The staff at the Mission, along with myself (Producer at Spectrecom Films, and 2 members of our camera/editing crew).   

How did you make the connection?

We are based almost next door to the mission, so already knew of their work. Our Head of Creative contacted them as part of our CSR policy and offered our services.   

What were the benefits for your company?

We are able to provide a commitment to a very worthy cause, which is in line with our CSR policy. Our staff are able to work on a worthwhile project, for a charity that is very close to our premises and thus somewhere we have an immediate tie to.   

Any lessons learnt or top tips to pass on?

The biggest thing for us when taking on pro-bono work is to ensure we stick to what we have promised, and therefore giving ourselves the year to gradually build up a relationship with the mission and its service users has helped us greatly to balance it with the other work we have on. Don’t promise too much too soon, rather take on what you can feasibly deliver.   

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