Lucky 23 bring colour to local hoardings

Lower Marsh-based business, Lucky 23, bring a splash of colour to Lower Marsh

Lower Marsh is in the throes of significant development at the moment, as three new hotels were consented by Lambeth Council last year. Although the BID has no influence over the planning process other than presenting members’ concerns to Lambeth, when development occurs WeAreWaterloo works with developers to try and ensure disruption is controlled during the construction phase. This is particularly important on a market street which sees customers eating outside, and where noise and dust could detrimentally affect footfall to the market and shops.

One of the other things the BID does is to make sure site hoardings provide a positive contribution to the street. Hoardings can be an opportunity to showcase local artists and act as a way to provide a visual focus while works are ongoing. The closure of shops, however temporary, can have a negativeeconomic impact so the BID does what it can to enliven the street through projects such as this. The hoarding artwork is funded fully by the developer and the artist is Lower Marsh based Lucky 23.  

Speaking of their involvement in the project, Lucky 23 said: 

"A few short months ago, WeAreWaterloo asked us to design a mural for the hoardings on Lower Marsh. We were thrilled. How often does an animation studio get to create a 30 meter canvas?

Lower Marsh feels like our little bit of magic. It’s an area that very few Londoners seem to know about but the people that do, like us, love its spirit. 
The market attracts customers and cuisines from all over the world making Lower Marsh feel like a celebration of diversity. It's a place full of real people and real characters and we feel lucky to be a part of it. 

Our mural is a token of appreciation to Lower Marsh. The bright colours represent the range of people and cultures in the area. The blue line flows through the work, as the Thames runs through this great city. The bright yellow sun is placed over Waterloo, putting Lower Marsh squarely on the map and the energetic pattern reflects the vibrancy of the area. We've tried to convey that – while the shapes may be different – they come together united in one image, like the people of Lower Marsh, who live and work here together, side by side, enriching one another through cultural exchange. 

We enlisted the talented Nico Nerone, graphic designer and street artist, to help transform our vision into a reality.

We hope you’ll come to Lower Marsh, experience our lovely community and enjoy our mural.