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Lower Marsh Market trader interview - The Sausage

We talk to the couple behind The Sausage to find out more about one of Lower Marsh Market's most memorable stalls

Name of business:
The Sausage

When do you trade on Lower Marsh Market?
Wednesday to Friday 10am-2pm

Why did you decide to start a market business?
There are countless reasons, here are a few in no particular order
a) Working for your own sake, being your own boss, it is all up to you what should be altered, introduced, you have the power!
b) Constant development, we don't like being stuck in one point, street food gives you the opportunity to build your own little realm.
c) The love for GOOD, high quality food. We found a deeper meaning in this, our mission is to spread to the biggest possible audience and at the same time show that there is an alternative for McDonald's. We find it frightening how many people feed themselves just there, it’s high time to change it!
d) Trade- we take to it like a duck to water, our parents used to be traders, we just can't imagine doing somethin else, it's in our blood
e) We got married almost year a go, we don't have kids yet, however we are fulfilled as the sausage serves this function for the time being

What’s the best thing about being a market trader?
Here we have to speak for ourselves separately. Even though we have common views and feeling for the street food, each of us finds joy in this in their own way
Szymon: As for me the most important issue is being my own boss. I can plan, manage, learn new things, sleep for few hours, and plan ahead for upcoming days, months, years. I have been dreaming about that my whole teenage life and now I can finally do it. That's why I do love street food.
Milena: The best and funniest thing about streetfood is that in fact I dont have to work! Doing it it's not a job in the generally accepted concept, I work 24/7, yet I don’t feel tired of bored of doing it. I do it with my beloved one and it gives me so much fun and happiness. Apart from that, I love trading, I love talking to people having small chat with them. Yes,that's it!

What’s the worst thing about being a market trader?
Waking up early, far too early!

How many people are on your team?
There is two of us and three other fellas grilling the sausage until they reach perfection

Describe your business in a few sentences.
Our business, as we mentioned before, is like our little kid. We did it from scratch, we planned it and we do our best to improve it with every single day. The sausage is our life, seriously! It combines so many aspects of our life, moreover our family takes active part in it. Our parents conquered Polish markets, we do want to do the same but here in London.

​What do you sell, what makes you unique, and what is your most popular item?
Our main product is, obviously, sausage - Polish sausage of the highest quality. The answer to what makes us unique is pretty simple, the product is imported straight from Poland, from the local butcher shop in which my Dad had been holding a position of director for 10 years, on top of 30 years of experience in the profession.This recipe is the fruits of his imagination and perfect knowledge of blending spices. The sausage consists of 93% of pork meat. It's just a masterpiece. At 33 cm long, and thick, it makes a huge impression both visual and gustatory - simply must try! Moreover, we are the sole distributor of this product in London, you won't find it anywhere else!

Last, but definitely not least, we make Pierogi. We love Pierogi, and started our street food journey with a Pierogi stall. We prepare them in the most traditional way possible, with white cheese, potato, onion and a blend of species. Deep fried (our little innovation- Pierogi in Poland are typically boiled or pan-fried), served with fried onion and sour cream. That's the undisputed champion for both our regulars and those who have never heard of Pierogi before. The recipe of the Pierogi is our's family pride, handed-down from one generation to another. My grandmother has been taught by her grandmother how to reach the perfectness in both dough and filling (every Polish grandma has her own secret recipe for Pierogi).

In a nutshell: We serve sausage in a baguette in two sizes. Footlong(er) and 6-inch(er) It might be served with extra crispy potato wedges and melted cheese. And obviously Pierogi!

Who are your customers?
It is difficult to point out a specific group. Everyone knows sausages, everyone loves sausages.It is easier to say who would never buy the sausage - vegetarians and vegans. However, even vegeterians might find a little treat for themselves – PIEROGI! (We do apologise to all vegans - maybe one day we will introduce suitable products for you).

Where did the name and concept for the business come from?
The sausage project has been evolving for a year. We started our business selling different variations of Pierogi. Our first name was Hedgehog Dumplings, after that brand, we promised ourselves that the next stall would have a very easy, understandable and clear name. That's why we chose ‘The Sausage’, pretty clear isn't it?

How do you feel about the area of Waterloo?
We love working with the London Eye, Big Ben, and Parliament just around the corner, what more could we ask for?

And Lower Marsh?
In addition to what is explained above, the street itself has some charm and spirit.

What are your plans for the business for the next 12 months?
We don't want to jinx it, so we prefer to stay quiet and just do it. What’s for sure, we want to expand the taste of our sausage throughout London.

Little known fact about the business?
On the occasion of opening the renovated Greenwich market (where we also trade) we had the privilege to meet and speak to the Duke of York, Prince Andrew.

Where can I find out more?
Twitter: TheSausageby11
Facebook: The Sausage
Instagram: thesausageby11