LFA Community Pavilion in Granby Place

During London Festival of Architecture and Waterloo Food Month, the LFA Community Pavilion at Granby Place will act as a space for existing groups to congregate and individuals to form new connections.

As part of this year's London Festival of Architecture (LFA), Collective Works have co-designed a pavilion with Ongéan for Granby Place, which will act as an inclusive temporary space that will be used for a range of activities and community lunches.

The overall aim with the space is to connect a cross-section of Londoners in unexpected ways. During LFA and Waterloo Food Month, the space will act as a gathering place where existing groups can congregate and individuals can form new connections.

The London Festival of Architecture is hosting a range of events around London over June. This year, the theme of the festival is 'Identity' and, as usual, the programme aims to celebrate London as a centre for architectural experimentation. The LFA will see a godzilla drawing workshop, an open festival to all interested in the creative industry, home improvement consultations, and a project planning workshop at the Community Pavilion. Some other events taking place in Waterloo include an exhibition exploring what defines a city's indentity, loo tours from Waterloo to West End, and The Alternative Architect's launch at Build Studios.

As part of the Waterloo Food Month programme, Phillip Oppenheim, owner of Cubana, will host a discussion panel at the LFA Community Pavilion on Wednesday 11 July. The event, Sustainability: Beyond the Buzzword, will address the question of what being sustainable actually means for a restaurant or food business. As the use and abuse of the buzzword 'sustainability' has grown, the discussion panel will host key speakers to expand on the actual meaning of sustainability.

Events in Waterloo at the London Festival of Architecture: