Fundraising with Metro Safety

Metro Safety, based on Blackfriars Road, tell us about their impressive CSR work supporting the Childrens Burn's Trust...

What was it all about?

Fundraising and supporting the Children's Burns Trust – so far in 2014 we have raised just over £1000, making the whole total donated to the CBT over the last 3 years, well over £10,000.  

Who is involved?

Our CSR group (MetroMatters), with input from the board of directors.  

How did you make the connection?

Metro Safety have raised money for various charities over the years, and the Childrens Burns Trust was brought to our attention in late 2011/early 2012. A small charity who receive no government funding, the CBT do fantastic work supporting and helping the families of children who have suffered burns. In addition, they run awareness campaigns, aiming to prevent accidental burns.  As a company who are experts in the field of Fire Safety, the charity felt particularly worthy, and one who would fit well with our ethos and charitable mission.  

What were the benefits? For your company…

Take up on fundraising events is high, with various fundraising activities taking place throughout the year. So far in 2014 we have had a group of Metro Safety staff, plus friends and partners, take on the ‘MudnMadness’ challenge over in Essex. A very, very cold morning of trekking through lakes, hail, and pits of mud resulted in a fun team bonding experience, and over £1000 raised for the Childrens Burns Trust. Fundraising events provide opportunities for strengthening links between departments, improving communication skills, and provide opportunities for employees to engage in activities that they may not choose to join in normally. 

For your partners…

We have been able to provide the Childrens Burns Trust with consistent support over the last 3 years, and from having met the team, we are well aware that our contributions make a massive difference. Money raised by us could go to buy much needed hospital equipment, or on a holiday for a family who have been dealing with a burnt and traumatised child, amongst many other things. 

Any lessons learnt or top tips to pass on?

We’ve found it best to schedule varied fundraising activities throughout the year. Larger events, such as the assault course mentioned above, tend to have a relatively low amount of people taking part, but can raise lots of money. Contrastingly, Office Bake sales often have a very large amount of people joining in, either baking, buying, or both. Such events don’t tend to make huge amounts of money, but when fundraising for charities we’ve found it important to remember that every little helps.   

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