On a break with... Dean Allum

We caught up with local resident, trader, and Lower Marsh Market team member (not forgetting, part-time actor!) Dean over a coffee to find out more about his links with the market...

Tell us about your relationship with Lower Marsh Market...

It’s unique, in that I work for and trade on the market. I started off as a trader in 2016, and I still trade on Saturdays. I actually left to go to Camden market for a bit, but eventually found my way back to Lower Marsh.

What brought you back to us?

Being a member of the local community (Dean lives a short walk from Lower Marsh), Lower Marsh Market was conveniently located on my doorstep! I found trading locally easier for me, and when the opportunity arose to take on some shifts with the market team, I found the flexibility worked really well alongside trading. But it wasn’t purely location that brought me back; I genuinely love the market.

What aspects of the job do you love most?

Talking and getting to know people - in both my roles. Talking to traders, customers, residents, the whole lot. We’re like a close-knit family.

Your experience trading on the market must come in handy when working a shift for Lower Marsh Market?

Yes, absolutely - I’m able to better understand the traders’ needs and stresses, especially getting your stall organised in time for a busy lunch. I just try my best to make life easy for them all, and we do that best by working as a team.

Did you use the market much before you began trading?

Yes, I would come with my kids to check out the produce… especially the cakes. It’s always good to support small, local businesses. Watching the traders at work gave me the idea to start selling on Lower Marsh Market.

What sets Lower Marsh apart from other markets, in your experience?

The community spirit and the value for money. The market is in such a prime location; you’re a five minute walk from London Eye among other attractions, and you’d be hard pressed to be able to trade and shop at such a low cost elsewhere in London.


Things you didn’t know about Dean...

  • Dean wanted to be an entertainer when he was younger
  • He acts on the side, and is set to star in the new Toy Boy series airing on Netflix later this year
  • He cites fictional character Andrew Dufresne as someone who inspires him
  • He loves climbing mountains in his spare time, especially in Portugal