Art and exhibitions Music Friday 31st Jan 2020 Fro 6.00 pm
Warren Mailley -Smith piano
Concert 4: Sonata No.2 from Chopin & Champagne by Candlelight series presented by CityMusic Promotions

Pre-dinner performance Doors/Champagne reception: 6pm Concert: 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Post-dinner performance Doors/Champagne reception: 8.30pm Concert: 9pm to 10pm

The brilliant piano music of the great Frédéric Chopin has never been out of fashion since it first burst onto the international scene in the early 19th century. This music wasn’t intended for the great concert halls of today, but for the intimate setting of Parisian and London Salons of the aristocracy. This was the setting where Chopin felt most at ease and improvised many of his works for the first time.

Audiences can now experience his music across 10 x 1 hour programmes (performed from memory) in the beautifully authentic salon-setting of London's 1901 Arts Club - with the accompaniment of a pre-performance champagne reception at this intimate and exclusive venue. The series includes 10 separate programmes, one per month from October 2019 to July 2020.


1901 Arts Club
7 Exton Street
South Bank