Theatre Thursday 20th Sep 2018 (1 hour slots at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm every day)
Until Saturday 29th Sep 2018
Southwark's Augmented Reality Experience
Uncover one of the greatest stories never told.

A scientist born and raised in Southwark, a rebel once silenced for her maverick theories, she made one of the greatest discoveries of our times.

Solve the mystery in reality and augmented reality. The truth is always bigger than you believe.

Explore immersive environments, solve puzzles and seek hidden clues using the latest in AR technology. Southwark's Augmented Reality Experience is an amazing event for all the family, delving into the area's history and its future...

The event organisers,The Milo Wladek Co., make films and create interactive theatre.

Platform Southwark
1 Joan Street
South Bank