Food Fortnight Wednesday 10th Jul 2019 6.15pm
Sobriety over Hangxiety - Binning the gin and taking control of your mental health
We are inviting a sober curious audience to enjoy a PowWow Waterloo talk hosted by We Are Waterloo as part of Waterloo Food Fortnight 2019

Join us for a night dedicated to sober living, mindfulness, wellbeing, mental health and most importantly the chance to meet like-minded others.

Millie Gooch, founder of Sober Girl Society, and our panel Chair says:

In February 2018, after years of partying too hard, subsequent hangovers and poor management of my mental health, I decided, at 26-years-old, to give up alcohol for good. When I realised that sobriety only made me happier, more fun and more sparkly, I founded @sobergirlsociety, an Instagram-based community that now has over 33K followers (including a few famous faces) who are all ditching alcohol for their own reasons. I am delighted to be involved with this debate to encourage more conversation around sobriety and to celebrate the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits that come with it.'

The event is open to the 'sober curious’ a popular new movement which was coined by author Ruby Warrington - one of the speakers on the panel. Ruby’s book looks at mindful drinking and questions our drinking habits.

During the evening, we want to encourage people to join the revolution as much as we want people to feel supported in it!

We hope the event encourages non-drinkers and sober curious individuals to meet others, while sampling alternative non-alcoholic drinks at our very own PowWow booze-less bar.

All attending should hope to leave armed with useful tips and tricks on improving mental wellbeing through sobriety, and hopefully with a bunch of new pals!

Panel Speakers

Host: Millie from Sober Girl Society @Sobergirlsociety

Scott Pearson - The boy who drank too much @theboywhodranktoo

Ruby Warrington - Sober Curious Aurthor @rubywarrington

Rachel Welford - Welford Wellbeing @welfordwellbeing

Laurie Mcallister - Girl & Tonic @laurievmcallister

Ellie Webb - Founder of Caleño @calenodrinks (non -alcoholic)

Jessica Hook - Founder of Outfox drinks @outfoxdrinks (non -alcoholic)

Arrival time: 6.15pm

Social meet up: Sample free drinks provided by leading brand entrepreneurs, buy a signed Sober Curious book signed by Ruby Warrington or purchase Sober Society pins & merch on sell (bring cash - if you are interested in purchasing)… or just hang out and meet like - minded people and the panel informally.

Debate starts: 6.55pm

Q & A to the panel: 8.15pm - 8.45pm

Cost: £11.25 pp (includes x FREE 2 drinks pp)

Platform Southwark
1 Joan Street
South Bank