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Until Friday 3rd Feb 2017
Journey to Justice
Morley Gallery presents 'Journey to Justice', a multi-media travelling exhibition focused on the US civil rights movement, its links with the UK and its wider impact.

The exhibition It is a dynamic mix of photographs, music, poetry, art, audio-visual, interactive features, artefacts, installations. 

Using a series of ‘bus stops’, Journey to Justice focus on the stories of some of the men, women and children involved in the movement whose stories are less well-known in the UK, people of all ages and ethnicities, whose voices are not often heard but without whom it would not have happened. They also tell the story of the Greensboro lunch counter sit-ins at a lunch counter where visitors can take part in activities and watch our a-v collection.

Universal freedom songs play throughout, on the specially built juke box. The exhibition demonstrate the range and number of struggles for freedom here over hundreds of years using a map of the UK and they highlight examples of how the US civil rights movement and UK history connect, including: the Bristol bus boycott, 1963; Malcolm X’s visits; the Tamla Motown Tour, 1965, a window ‘from the people of Wales’ for the bombed-out 16th St. Baptist Church in Birmingham, Al.


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