• Greenport Kitchen
Greenport Kitchen
157 Waterloo Road Lambeth
020 7870 3747
The Greenport Kitchen offers mouth-watering American dishes, created from the best British and Italian produce. Enjoy succulent burgers grilled over flaming coals, great hand-stretched Napoli pizza and free-range chicken slowly roasted to perfection in our rotisserie. They also serve craft beers hand-picked from the US & UK, alongside some refreshing sodas & sweet shakes.

Greenport Kitchen Waterloo, use only the best British and Italian produce to bring you an exciting American menu and dining experience. Taking no shortcuts to create there dishes; There Cotswold Chickens are free range and slow grown naturally, then cooked on a rotissere to ensure they have the greatest flavour. There burgers are made from 100% Red Tractor British beef, then grilled over flaming coals in our Kamado Joe Grill and named after American superstars such as Dolly Parton, for that all American feel. Enjoy served with refreshing sodas, shakes and hand-picked craft beers straight from the US & UK. Our team have also been taught the art of pizza-making straight from an Italian professional, this means you can even enjoy the finest Italian style pizza at our restaurant.