Fruit Cake Patisserie
50 Kennington Road, Waterloo Fruit Cake Patisserie
London SE1 7BL
020 7401 2997
Opening Hours: 
Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Friday: 8:30-19:00
Saturday: 8:00-18:00
Sunday: Closed
You’ll find no tourist prices at Sally’s delightful cake and sandwich shop.

Where else could you get a jam doughnut for 68 pence?

The owner Sally – who must know just about everyone in the area – is up at 4.30am to make it here in time to bake the bread. But our favourites have to be the croissants that come fresh from the oven first thing in the morning.

Here the sandwiches, sausage rolls and sweets are all super-cheap and super-tasty.

Chatting to Sally, you can see why this place is so popular with locals and lunch-timers alike. With everything from over-sized Cornish pasties to deep filled baguettes, it’s no wonder it’s been going so long (over 30 years in fact).

The best thing is that we could eat here all day and still have change for our bus fare home!

Our little known fact about Fruit Cake Patisserie:
The stone-baked bread is absolutely delicious but it’s the amazingly cheap cheese and tomato Panini that is one of Waterloo’s best-kept secrets.