48 Lower Marsh
London SE1 7RG
020 7928 8778
Opening Hours: 
Monday - Tuesday: 12:00-0:00
Wednesday - Thursday: 12:00-1:00
Friday: 12:00-3:00
Saturday: 15:00-3:00
Sunday: 13:00-21:00
Lively, ludicrously noticeable and very, very Latino is the best way to describe Waterloo’s very own Cuban restaurant.

Like the rest of London, you’ll know the “Cuban bar in Waterloo” by its gigantic mural, which dominates the entrance to Lower Marsh and from the memories of a first date which descended into Mojito-induced madness (or maybe that’s just us).

But did you know its cantina lunch costs only £5, and its happy hour spreads to tapas as well as a large selection of super-gulpable cocktails? Perfect for sipping by the new outdoor street food area.

Rumour also has it that Fidel Castro himself was sent a share when Cubana opened, but we haven’t dared ask too loudly  - we’re not sure if the machine guns which decorate the interior are still live.

Our little known fact about Cubana:
The restaurant is a popular filming destination, having featured in Hollywood romance One Day and The Apprentice.