Bobtail Fruit
197 Hercules Road Lambeth
London SE1 7LD
0207 928 3902
Fresh fruit delivery across the capital

Bobtail Fruit Ltd is London’s leading Office and Workplace Fruit Suppliers established in 1950, by the late Robert Barham I. The name Bobtail was developed from the original owner, as this was his nickname given to him whilst he ran the fruit stall. Traditionally, Bobtail Fruit was merely one single fruit stall expanding to five based in the heart of London. Growing into solely delivering fruit.

Since the initial inception of Bobtail Fruit, the company has always been and still is a family run business, spanning over four generations. Bobtail Fruit’s heritage has been built on the founding principles of providing high-quality fruits to suit all our customers’ needs.

Bobtail has been continually growing over the years, and they are always looking on ways to improve and expand services to provide the best customer experience possible.