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  • Planter barrels
  • Planter barrels
  • Pocket Park: Leake Street
  • Pocket Park: Granby Place
Planting & greening
Keeping Waterloo looking green and inviting is a key part of our remit at WeAreWaterloo

When the area looks attractive it encourages visitors and people to spend more time here. More greenery also increases biodiversity in urban areas, improves air quality and helps alleviate the impact of climate change. 


Our street planters are made from recycled fruit juice barrels, and incorporate public seating. The planters have been introduced as an attractive and more environmentally sustainable way of greening the area. They are planted out with nursery grade ‘urban weeds’, including plants such as buddleia, daisy, honeysuckle and ivy.

Pocket Parks

We currently have two pocket parks: Leake Street and Granby Place – both located off Lower Marsh. In addition there are 3 semi-circular planted beds in Baylis Road.