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WeAreWaterloo and South Bank BID launch the STAR CARD at Rumpus Room

Local workers, residents and students can now enjoy a myriad of unique local offers and discounts with the introduction of a rewards card for Waterloo and South bank

Both BIDs, who have a combined business membership of almost 600, have collaborated on the delivery of the STAR CARD rewards scheme to ensure that workers, residents and students can access to the local retail offer. The scheme was also developed to help South Bank and Waterloo businesses reach vital target markets in the area and build a loyal, local customer base.

The 20,000 cards that have been produced will be distributed in the coming months, and you will no doubt spot STAR CARD posters and images popping up around the area. Already, the scheme has over 35 substantial offers and we will be adding to this fantastic pool on a weekly basis.

Ben Stephenson, WeAreWaterloo Chief Executive said: "We really enjoyed the launch event, and the turnout and subsequent conversations with people in the area shows there's a real buzz about it. I would now fully encourage shops, restaurateurs and service providers to get in touch with their offers so we can continue to grow this new South Bank and Waterloo facility."

We want to provide the best possible offers for the local community, and so far, we have offers from a huge selection of local businesses, including:

  • The Old Vic
  • Mondrian, London
  • Vaulty Towers
  • Dress2Kill
  • Jack’s Bar
  • Lower Marsh Market
  • City Cruises
  • BFI
  • Gourmet Pizza Company…and many more!

Simple! Go to starcardlondon.co.uk, order your card online and we’ll post it to you. Alternatively, if you’d rather a digital version you can opt for this in the order form. We’ll be developing an Android version of the card in the coming months, so hold tight!

It’s never been easier. If you are a business in the WeAreWaterloo area simply email info@wearewaterloo.co.uk with your offer or to discuss possibilities and we’ll help you get it up onto the website. If you are a South Bank BID member business you just need to contact bid@southbanklondon.com. If you’re unsure whether you qualify for a card, take a look at the map below which outlines the BID areas.