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Vaulty Towers opens on Lower Marsh

A new, eccentrically colourful bar and events space for Waterloo

Brought to you by the team at The Vaults, Vaulty Towers is a brand new bar and events space in the centre of Waterloo. Not only does this new hangout have a glorious drinks and food menu, but it is also adorned with the wonderful props, sets and weird things from past Vault's productions - there's plenty to look at! Oh, and they have a resident kitten. We asked the team a few questions about the business...

Describe the bar in a couple of sentences

Vaulty Towers is the sister venue of The Vaults, a nearby arts space. The bar is a space for us to present our wonderful props, sets and weird things that would usually find their way to the bin or storage. Every now and again with the changing of the shows at The Vaults, we’ll be changing the setup in the bar too. As well as this, we’ve opened up the basement space that’ll be used for shows, more seating and private bookings, with its own little bar.

What’s on offer, and what is the most unusual item?

We offer a changing food menu, we’ll be inviting different chefs from all culinary corners to mix it up every few months or so (currently Klose & Soan). We’ve got a wide range of delicious spirits; no gin & tonic should be the same as the last. We do Tequila shots with Orange wedges and a dash of cinnamon (life changing). A great range of craft beers. And our new hit, Espresso Martini on tap.

Who comes to the bar?

So far, we’ve seen the full spectrum. It’s a space for everyone, those that work in the area, local residents, local businesses, families, tourists, people coming to and working at The Vaults. Everyone seems to be curious about and enjoying the space.

What makes Vaulty Towers unique?

A friend of mine said what we seem to have done is create a space that doesn’t have an ego. We didn't set out to be the new trendy bar. It’s a bit rough around the edges, the staff are our friends and we’re making it up as we go along. I think what makes it unique is a bundle of the above.

Where did the concept come from?

When we first got in touch with the landlord, we weren’t actually looking to open a bar, we were looking for a space to build a decent kitchen, one that could be a base for the catering that we do over at The Vaults. The bar kind of came with the kitchen. At that stage, we were sharing it out to the staff to see what ideas everyone could throw into the mix. The wonderful design team, Darling & Edge, who work with us on a huge number of shows at The Vaults, suggested this idea of a revolving props store (mainly for practical reasons, the idea being that we can dig in and take out pieces of the set and use them on other shows in the future). As the months rolled on, it changed a million and one times, we kept the final look of it very loose and we sprinkled over a bit of Vaults magic. That was how it was born really.

Plans for the business for the next 12 months?

We’re big fans of seeing where it takes us organically. That has been the success of The Vaults. We never plan massively far ahead, because it rarely works out like you thought. That being said, we’re keen to encourage more shows into the basement, we’re looking forward to presenting BBQ Sunday lunches during the Spring/Summer. We’re on the hunt for more weird and wonderful drinks to present. And we’d love to be able to set up some tables and benches out on Lower Marsh for the community to enjoy the summer sun with chilled Negroni in one hand and a Reuben sandwich in the other.

A little-known fact about the business...

The signs outside the front door are the original signage from when the space was The Spanish Patriot.