• Robert Bowen Tees

Trader Spotlight: Robert Bowen Tees

Innovative and unique men's clothing

We caught up with Lower Marsh Market trader Robert Bowen, who sells his own unique brand of men's apparel, as well as bags, mobile phone covers and accessories. 

What’s the best thing about being a market trader?
Working with people in the same field and being able to showcase my creative project. I love getting honest feedback from the public... and also selling and making a profit.

... and the worst?
The weather!

How many people do you have in your team?
Just myself at the moment, but my insurance covers up to ten people, which gives me scope for employing others as the business grows, which is great.

Tell me a bit about the business - describe it in a couple of sentences
The business is unique, selling innovative images printed onto cloathing with a personal touch. The products can be worn with other designer apparels and will ensure anyone wearing them stands out from the crowd.

What do you sell / offer, and what is the most popular item?
The most popular item are my t-shirts and cards. The Jimi Hendrix printed t-short is a particular favourite amongst customers.
I illustrate and design the design myself and  source the best contractors and suppliers of t-shirts. 

Who are your customers?
My target market is young people aged between 25 and 45 years - creative types who want to wear t-shirts that are totally unique. 

Where did the name and concept for the business come from?
I've paired my name with tee (American way of calling t-shirts). The style of the t-shirts are slim fit which is ideal for the European market. The t-shirts, even though they are primarily for men, can be worn by women whom we are selling more and more to. 

How do you feel about Waterloo the area?
I know the area really welI having studied here and also worked at bars in this area. I worked at Lower Marsh Market when I did a market traders course at Morley College. At the time I sold underwear, which did well, to customers and market traders. 

What are your plans for the business for the next 12 months?
I plan to have two stalls linked together and to diversify my offer to include jeans and much more.