Social Media and PR - Top tips for your business

Our latest Business Matters Breakfast was centred around the changing PR landscape and offered tips on securing media coverage, and growing your social channels

On Wednesday 18 April, WeAreWaterloo hosted a Business Matters Breakfast, exclusively for members led by full service creative communications agency, Gung Ho at The Union Jack Club, SE1. Attendees were given key tips on how to enhance their social following and amplify their business while embracing the shift in PR landscape towards the digital. 

A summary of the event can be found below: 


The changing media landscape

  • Influencers, bloggers, vloggers and press with a strong social presence are overtaking traditional offline press – this is largely due to consumers choosing to receive news digitally, and more immediately

Use the agenda

  • Use the wider news agenda as a tool for your business - join in conversations that are already happening and you will be able to tap into more opportunities
  • Negative and sensitive stories are best avoided – stick to positive news

Exploit your expertise

  • Big conversations in the press lack expert opinion – if you can further the debate, attach your business profile to the conversation

Content is key

  • Amazing imagery and striking video content is what journalists are looking for to drive traffic to their pages

Seasonal events work well

  • Changing seasons make great stories – with summer on the horizon, gardens, hidden terraces are prime for press round-ups

Social Media

Why Social Media?

  • Customer experience lives online and allows your business to become part of it, and build a relationship
  • Increases awareness of your brand Selecting platform
  • If it’s not possible to maintain three platforms (Insta, Twitter, FB) pick one or two. It’s better to have one strong platform that three weak – think about age range, target customers and content


  • DO - Correct grammar, high res images, authoritative tone of voice, key hashtags, tag imagery (where possible) 
  • DON’T – ‘collages’, instead use carousel or albums with multiple images, no text over pictures (looks dated),
  • Instagram = shop window, Facebook = commercial push (direct call to action with links to site), Twitter = offers and conversational

Tone of voice

  • Character musts – Friendly, professional, authoritative, informative. Be helpful
  • Language – informative, encouraging, inspiring. Be kind, be human.
  • Tone – direct, personal, honest.
  • Purpose – engage, educate, entertain, inform, sell. Be present, and give people a reason to invest in the relationship.
  • Always offer assistance. When to post?
  • One a day for Insta, multiple for Twitter and max three for FB Midday for weekend, early morning for weekdays

Our next Business Matters Breakfast will take place in July, and we are already really looking forward to re-connecting with our members in the summer. For more information, or to discuss presenting at the next meeting, please contact Marketing and Communications Manager Harrie Notton on