Lower Marsh Market trader interview - The Oystermen

The market's resident mollusc experts provide bespoke oyster bars for all events

Name of the business: The Oystermen

Trading days and times: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 12pm-2.30pm

Why did you decide to start a market business?
We have been working with Oysters, fish and shellfish in restaurants all of our lives, and we love them! Nothing gives us more pleasure than shucking and chatting, and a market stall is the perfect place for both!

What’s the best thing about being a market trader?
Being outdoors, serving the food we love to wonderful people!

What’s the worst thing about being a market trader?
The rain, when its bad it can feel like being on a sinking ship.

How many people in your team?
Rob & Matt, with occasional hangers on Harry and Tess

Tell us a bit about the business - describe it in a couple of sentences
The (not so) secret thing for us is freshness. Our produce is all delivered fresh each day and this ensures its at the peak of its taste. Fish and shellfish is all about quality of ingredients and simplicity, all served with a smile!

What do you sell / offer, and what is the most popular item?
Fresh Oysters and Fish and Chips! The Perfect lunch?

Who are your customers?
Anyone and everyone, we have great regulars from all round the area, guys working on the capacity increase project at Waterloo, in the shops on Lower Marsh, publishing over in Old Paradise Yard, local shopkeepers, the wonderful folk from the office of Islamic Relief… we love you all!

What makes you unique?
Our restaurant background means we don’t just focus on the food but the whole hospitality angle as well, we are owner operators who care!

Where did the name and concept for the business come from?
A simple and straight forward love of oysters! No need to complicate that!

A bit about the quality/style of your offerings...
As previously stated, its all about simply using fresh, local, well cared for produce.

How do you feel about Waterloo the area?
Its improving! I lived in the area 10 years ago and its changed so much since then, weirdly it still feels like a bit of a secret, considering its in the middle of town next to one of the busiest railway stations in the world…

And Lower Marsh?
Definitely getting better… shame there are a few empty shops… maybe space for some Oyster based Pop-Ups?

What are your plans for the business for the next 12 months?
More of the same, events, markets, parties, pop-ups… We just love keeping busy!

A little known fact about the business?
Everything you have heard about Oysters is true. More protein than steak, zinc to keep the immune system healthy, barely any calories, Vitamins C and B12…. NATURE’S SUPERFOOD!

Where can I find out more?
Instagram @theoystermen
Facebook /theoystermen
Twitter @theoystermen