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Lower Marsh Market trader interview - Mr & Mrs Skates

Find out more about Mr & Mrs Skates, who trade every week at the Saturday Flea Market on Lower Marsh.
Name of the business:
Mr & Mrs Skates
Why did you decide to set up a market business?
We have always been into vintage. I seek out clothes and accessories and Johnny is a record collector and DJ. We previously did boot sales. Johhnny say Lower Marsh Market in passing and enquired about a stall. We have since traded weekl,y.
What’s the best thing about being a market trader?
Meeting people and sharing knowledge about vintage clothes, accessories and music. The atmosphere at this market is so friendly we can’t imagine doing it anywhere else. The friendly staff team at WeAreWaterloo make it a pleasure to trade here. We enjoy seeing our regular customers.
What’s the worst thing about being a market trader?
How did you find out about the Flea Market?
See above, saw it passing by as we live locally.
What do you do Monday-Friday, describe it in a couple of sentences.
Mr Skates – DJ, bike courier, source stock for stall
Mrs Skates – Mum, work with vintage fabric, source items for stall.
What do you sell/offer and what is the most popular item?
Mr Skates – vinyl & CDs, vinyl is most popular
Mrs Skates – vintage clothes and jewellery, latter most popular
Who are your customers?
Mr Skates – collectors and tourists
Mrs Skates – regular customers, collectors, prop researchers for shows
What makes you unique?
A passion for what we sell and that we know how to source the best in our fields
How do you feel about the area of Waterloo and Lower Marsh?
It feels safe and friendly, we now know the local businesses too.
​Check out the Mr & Mrs Skates stall every week at the Saturday Flea Market on Lower Marsh from 10.00am-5.00pm