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Interview with Newdlez

Newdlez & Co (the pad thai stall) tell us about the history of the business and what they love about Waterloo

We caught up with Newdlez & Co, Lower Marsh Market’s favourite Pad Thai stall to find out a bit more about their offer and market life on Lower Marsh.

What inspired you to set up the stall?
Selling Thai food had always been an idea we had in mind, but the discovery of a note in a shop actually opened up the opportunity and we grabbed it – that’s how our first stall at a Sunday market got started! What’s the best thing about being a market trader? It’s the overall market environment - other traders, the setting, how you feel the busy vibe every day. We also love being outside – you get more of sunshine at the market than being in a restaurant

…and the worst?
Setting up and packing down is always a little tiring!

How big is the team?
We’ve got 13 people across three markets, as well as production staff.

What do you sell, and what is the most popular item?
We started out in 2008 selling starters and soon moved onto selling pad thai, which instantly became a best seller. We offer pad thai in all variations, the lesser known pad see with vegetable springrolls and curly puffs, with the most popular being the omelette style pad thai. Freshness is our keyword – we try to use the freshest ingredients and serve the dishes straight from the wok. What makes us unique is definitely our omelette style pad thai and our pop-up trailer.

Who do you see visiting the market?
Local people from all walks of life, including office workers, students, residents etc.

How do you feel about Waterloo the area? Waterloo is a interesting mix of locals, college students and professionals, and feels neither residential nor commercial.

You can find Noodlez & Co on the market every Monday to Friday from 11.00am-2.00pm.