• Recycling

Important changes to your recycling service

WeAreWaterloo offers a free recycling service to members through our contractors First Mile

The number of members taking up free recycling service has been increasing and with limits to the BIDs budget we are now no longer able to offer this service on an unlimited basis. In addition, the levels of sack contamination and overuse of cardboard stickers have been increasing and we have been working with members to try to improve this. Thanks to those who have been working with us on this.

As of April 2017, the BID will operate the service through an allocation system, which caps the number of bags and rolls of stickers you can order each year. We have calculated allocations based on the number of bags used by businesses in previous years. With careful management, allocations of free bags should last most of the year, but all staff should be trained to ensure bags are properly filled and not contaminated. All participating businesses have been contacted with their new allocations via letter and email. 

First Mile will let businesses know if they are approaching the maximum number of bags or rolls of tape you can order, or you can check your total online, using your account.

Do get in touch if you have any questions about the new way we are operating the service. We would be happy to visit with First Mile and explain further.