Feathered Friends

It’s better for birds in Waterloo.

Birds of all types have been flocking to Waterloo thanks to the much-missed Assemble & Join.

The micro-manufacturers, who had a temporary workshop in Lower Marsh, were commissioned to create a piece of public art as part of the refurbishments on Waterloo’s market street.

Being interested in biodiversity, the team chose to create a giant arrow made of bird boxes.

The resulting structure was mounted onto the Sino Thai wall in February and provides a wonderful wildlife habitat and signage to the street in one fell swoop.

Visitors to Lower Marsh have been impressed with the artwork, which will complement a new public garden area planned for the space beneath it.

The bird boxes were part-funded by Natural England as part of a wider project which also included shop window displays, planters and this Christmas tree initiative.

What do you think of the bird boxes? Email us at info@wearewaterloo.co.uk with your thoughts.