Art and exhibitions Sunday 23rd Sep 2018 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 3pm
Young Vic - Open House 2018
Young Vic is offering backstage tours as part of Open House 2018

The Young Vic is a theatre at the heart of British culture, housed in a building as nearly iconic as the theatre within

The Young Vic is two things: an idea and a building. Established in 1970 by Sir Laurence Olivier, the Young Vic is a theatre for everyone that remains true to its founding values and objectives:

- To produce great productions for audiences of all ages and backgrounds

- To nurture the talent of younger theatre professionals

- To develop a love of theatre amongst young people

The original theatre was built on The Cut on a Second World War bomb site. It opened in September 1970 as a place where young directors, designers, actors, writers and technicians could present the great works of the world repertoire, classics and new plays, in exciting productions and at the lowest possible seat prices. The theatre building was designed by Bill Howell with a budget of just £60,000 and was intended to last for just five years. Its ideal proportions and intimate thrust-stage theatre built cheaply with a rough light industrial feel, and its low prices for unreserved seats created the dream, in concrete, of an inclusive, class free experience.

It is now your chance to go behind the scenes as part of Open House. Booking is essential, click here to register. 

Young Vic Theatre
66 The Cut
London SE1 8LZ