Art and exhibitions Wednesday 27th Jun 2018
Until Saturday 14th Jul 2018
Morley College Festival of Arts and Culture: Planets
Visit Morley to engage with dance, poetry, music, film, theatre, science, fashion, and art and design.

Morley's former Director of Music, Gustav Holst, composed the orchestral piece The Planets a century ago. This year, the Festival of Arts and Culture includes two performances of Holst's orchestral suite as well as a exhibitions inspired by the solar system. As The Planets associated peace, magic, the mystic, and jollity with the solar system, Morley College hopes this year's festival will bring the same associations to its visitors.

Some highlights of the festival include Turner Prize-winning artist Elizabeth Price's video installation The Teachers, Dr Javier Cuadros' lecture on Mars, Morley's Annual Catwalk Show, The Instant Orchestra's Art Night show, and a film screening and Q&A of In The Bleak Midwinter.


  • 27 April-14 July Scale of the Planets
  • 15 June-14 July Polished
  • 26-30 June Seams Interesting
  • 26 June-24 July Final Frontiers: The Morley Photography Show
  • 3-13 July The Planets Box Set
  • 10-12 July Sense: Highlighting HND Ceramics and Celebrating the First Year


  • 5-14 July Elizabeth Price's The Teachers
  • 28 June Morley Busk
  • 29 June Planets for Pianos
  • 30 June Sampling Holst
  • 1 July Stockwell Tea Party
  • 3 July Lunchtime Concert: Chamber Music Recital
  • 2 July Penny Lecture: Mars - Small, Old, Frozen... Freezing
  • 4-7 July Morley Opera
  • 9 July Venus - The Bringer of Peace
  • 5 July Stardust: The Morley Catwalk Show
  • 6 July Changes in Space and Time: Dance Fusion 2018
  • 6 July Alternative Worlds: The Music of Hugh Shrapnel
  • 7 July Morley Late (Art Night)
  • 8 July A Holst Ramble
  • 8 July Morley Open House
  • 9 July Turkish Film Night - Baharatin Tadi
  • 10 July French Film Night - La Voyage dans la Lune
  • 10 July In The Bleak Midwinter - Film Screening and Q&A with filmmaker Tony Palmer
  • 10-11 July Celestial Crinoline
  • 10-11 July Orbit of the Celestial Crinoline
  • 11 July Jazz @Morley
  • 11 July German Film Night - Frau im Mond
  • 12 July Planet Poetry - Hosted by Inua Ellams
  • 14 July The Planets gala concert


  • 23-30 June Planetary Papers
  • 9-11 July Summer Cyanotype
  • 11 July Science in the Movies: Space


Morley College
61 Westminster Bridge Road