Talks and lectures Saturday 29th Sep 2018 2pm
Member Insight: Stories from the SR-71 Blackbird
Join former SR-71 Wing Commander Rich Graham to hear about intelligence gathering with the SR-71 Blackbird.

Built entirely in secret, the SR-71 Blackbird gathered highly classified information over some of the world’s most hostile nations for nearly thirty years. This incredible aircraft flew at Mach 3+, cruising at 85,000 feet to gather intelligence that informed some of the most crucial political and military decisions of the Cold War era.

Former SR-71 Wing Commander Rich Graham worked with the SR-71 reconnaissance programme for fifteen years; as a crew member, an instructor pilot and a Squadron Commander.

Join him at IWM London for a unique, insider perspective into the experience of piloting the record breaking Blackbird and gain an incredible insight into its history.

Imperial War Museum
Lambeth Road