Community Lower Marsh Market Thursday 22nd Feb 2018 12 - 3pm
Until Friday 23rd Feb 2018
Make Do and Mend Yourself: Kokedama
Free, monthly workshops with an urban gardening and wellbeing theme

Kokedama - Make your own hanging plant display with Moss, compost, Ivy, Ferns or Succulents. Decorate with fluro string or natural twine and hang in your office or at home. 

Free, monthly workshops with an urban gardening and wellbeing theme.

Benefits include working with natural materials in an open-air environment, learning a new ‘feel good’ skill for free, as well as meeting new people. The free sessions are open to all and we are welcoming local office workers, residents and shoppers – anyone who longs to get away from their desk or take a break from the daily grind to relax and be creative!

The workshops are suitable for whole departments and teams of co-workers who fancy a bit of team building and outdoor therapy. Material will be given on a first-come-first served basis and will potentially run out if a workshop is busy - so get there early! If you plan on coming with a group of 4 or more, please contact us in advance so we can reserve the material by emailing

Lower Marsh
London SE1 7AB