• Secret Cellar
Theatre Wednesday 6th Sep 2017 Wednesday at 7.30pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 6pm Sunday at 5pm
Until Sunday 10th Sep 2017
Ian Rowland: The Mind Man
Secret Cellar returns to Vaulty Towers with a new line up of award-winning magicians and TV stars.

Hidden in the heart of London is a lair of mystery and deception. Descend the stairs to Secret Cellar, London's newest venue for close-up magic, and you will discover a world of intrigue and illusion. In this exclusive and evocative setting the audience will come face to face with the finest close-up magicians in the world.

As headliner of the Magic Hour and Secret Cellar producer Tony Middleton notes ‘The best way to experience top-class magic is up close, right in front of your eyes with performers showcasing their incredible skill rather than relying on camera tricks, clever lighting or deceptive editing. We are incredibly excited to be presenting a line-up of internationally renowned performers in such an intimate and atmospheric setting.’

In September the Secret Cellar welcome Ian Rowland – member of the Inner Magic Circle – and the only magician ever to be hired to train the FBI. His show The Mind Man reveals methods of mind-reading and explains how every choice you make can be influenced in ways you never realize.

Vaulty Towers
34 Lower Marsh