Theatre Tuesday 11th Sep 2018 7.30pm
Until Friday 12th Jan 2018
Divine Proportions
Wine, dine and celebrate life like the Gods and Goddesses you are with an evening of Divine Proportions.

"A heavenly night of wining, dining, and raucous entertainment inspired by the story of Dionysus, God of Pleasure and Mischief.

In a city of drab and dreary dinner invites, theatrical entrepreneurs and immersive party pranksters Shotgun Carousel invite you to their feast of bacchanalia.

Spend the night up in the Gods for an evening of wild-dancing, raunchy rituals, ethereal entertainers, and ever-flowing feasts, whilst raising a glass to the ancient God of Ecstacy and Wine.

The Gods are away and Bacchus the Heavenly Host has come out to play.

Course after course of heavenly delights and celestial cocktails are bestowed upon you. Milk and honey, masked merrymakers and a cabaret of magical creatures – a night of indulgence and extravagance unfolds.

As the lines blur between mortal and divine, the clouds open up above you, and the aromas of Godly dishes draw you into the realms above. Along the way you catch whispers of ridiculous riddles, sightings of Satyrs, dodgy deals with deities, and hidden passages to the peak of Mount Olympus - all there for you to discover.

But beware! Bacchus can't keep the rest of the Gods from their heavenly home forever; mortals will not be treated mercifully at the eternal after-party in the Underworld.

Dress like the deities you are and join the Gods for an evening of Divine Proportions."

The Vaults Theatre
Leake Street