Art and exhibitions Wednesday 20th Jun 2018 11am-8pm
Until Sunday 24th Jun 2018
Brave: the girls of South Sudan
Plan International UK's photography exhibition shows girls’ everyday lives in the world’s youngest country.

"Plan International UK presents Brave: the girls of South Sudan, a photography exhibition showing girls’ everyday lives as they survive in the world’s youngest country.

Growing up in South Sudan can be hard for every child. But for girls it can be even tougher.

They’ve faced conflict, violence and unimaginable hunger, all while they are still teenagers.

See their lives in this powerful exhibition with photography by award-winning photographer Kate Holt.

Plan International UK is a global children’s charity. They work to ensure every child has the same chance in life. When disaster strikes, they are there, on the ground helping those in need.

In South Sudan, Plan International UK and the Disasters Emergency Committee have been providing lifesaving seeds and tools so communities can grow their own crops and provide for their families."

Barge House Street
South Bank