• Beauty and the Feast
Art and exhibitions Food and drink Theatre Friday 6th Oct 2017 7.30pm
Until Sunday 14th Jan 2018
Beauty and the Feast
Unleash the beast as propriety descends into chaos with musical entertainment, a fairy hostess, three full courses, table dances, an unforgettable fairy tale.

It is with the most sincere pride and overwhelming pleasure that eloquent designers Darling & Edge invite you to be their guest for a palatable pantomime.    

One hundred years have passed since the Beast was born. Only the Beauty in all of us can break the spell. For too long has the castle been unattended, it's most enchanting residents clawing the walls for the spell to be broken.  They live to satisfy, and have prepared the feast to end all feasts, a culinary cabaret, fit for a beast.   

Forget the fairytale ending, this ball is about swinging from the chandeliers. We like thigh slapping, dancing on the table, eating with your face.  

Come as a beauty, leave as a beast

The New Years Eve ticket includes unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks with dinner

The Vaults Theatre
Leake Street
London SE1 7NN