Film Friday 27th Jul 2018 7pm
3 Films by Jean Vigo
Even among cinema’s legends, Jean Vigo stands apart.

Jean Vigo had a brief but brilliant career making poetic, lightly surrealist films before his life was cut tragically short by tuberculosis at age twenty-nine. Like the daring early works of his contemporaries Jean Cocteau and Luis Buñuel, Vigo’s films refused to play by the rules.

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Films playing on the evening:

À propos de Nice

1930, 25 minutes, silent film.

Jean Vigo was twenty-five when he made this, his debut film, a silent cinematic poem that reveals, through a thrilling and ironic use of montage, the economic reality hidden behind the facade of the Mediterranean resort town of Nice. “À propos” is both a scathing and invigorating look at 1930 French culture.

Jean Taris, Swimming Champion

1931, 9 minutes.

Swimming champion Jean Taris gives a swimming lesson to the viewing audience. Again, Vigo uses experimental effects, including overlapping images, running the film in reverse, and some truly impressive underwater photography.

Zero de conduit

1933, 44 minutes

Jean Vigo’s enormously influential portrait of prankish boarding-school students is one of cinema’s great acts of rebellion. Based on the director’s own experiences as a youth, Zéro de conduite presents childhood as a time of unfettered imagination and brazen rule-flouting.

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